• AlphaSeries professional power amplifier
    Equipped with white logo andLCDLiquid crystal display screen,
    With high purity pure copper ring transformer with high efficiencyTDClass structure!
    AlphaSeries professional power amplifier
    2X1800W 8ΩThe stereo output
  • MTXSeries professional power amplifier
    Four channel amplifier,Adopting the secondaryHType of topological structure,
    Low temperature rise super-large power pure copper ring transformer!
    MTXSeries professional power amplifier
    4x1000W 8ΩThe stereo output
  • Series 2x1200W 8ΩThe stereo output
    And the combination of a number of international advanced switching power supply technology
    The optimizationHClass enlarge topology structure in one building

Professional power amplifier products

LINGTE Professional power amplifier

  • Ring bull power amplifier
  • Switch power amplifier

4Channel amplifier

Spirit, professional manufacturer of power amplifier

Electronic technology co., LTD., founded in the spirit2008Years,Spirit, focus on research and development analog power amplifier、KTVPower amplifier、The power amplifier stage、Ring bull power amplifier、Switch power amplifier、Performance power amplifier、After the pure grade power amplifier、High power amplifier and other professional power amplifier products。Spirit, selection and procurement has been sticking to the global well-known high quality of high quality components,Combined with strict quality control system and the continuous improvement production process,And always adhere to the production“High quality power amplifier”The idea of,Create each a high-quality goods stage power amplifier。

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