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Sincere move in sanya co., LTD
The service hotline:0898-8827437

Company profile

If moving co., LTD is a resident moving in sanya、Furniture disassembling、Consignment packaging、Air conditioning switching.Large goods handling,Domestic service as one of the large-scale moving freight company,More than existing various operating vehicles。Company with strength, sanya is one of the moving company,The company has a number of new cars and well-trained workers。Can provide customers with high quality sanya to move、Sanya moving company、Sanya moving company phone、Sanya moving company price、Sanya long-distance move、Sanya long distance moving company、Sanya moving company which good service!The company by the male business registration!The company throughout the day24We will be first-class service hours a day,The spirit of professional full service for you.Respect for the needs of their customers,Respect the rights and dignity of customers,Make you comfortable!The company provides professional moving services,Engaged in dismantling air-conditioning、Furniture disassembling、At home、In the long distance!And to provide large relocation company,Factory hypermarket move goods!Thank you for your cooperation,With our sincere attitude to serve you...

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Scope of business

Scope of business

Contact information

Contacts:Mr. Yuan
The phone:0898-8827437